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Founded in 2010, Suzhou Chukai PharmaTech Co., Ltd is located in the Wujiang high-tech district of Suzhou, China. We focus on supplying products and services to our clients in the field of small molecule drug discovery. In the past decade, our molecular building blocks, chemical and biochemical reagents, reference compounds, and custom synthesis services have helped hundreds of academicians and pharmaceutical enterprises move forward with their drug discovery projects along different pipelines. Based on our strong process chemistry R&D platform, we have served global pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions with a large scale pharmaceutical intermediate and APIs accompanied by technical services. The company has been granted "Scientific and Technological Enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Innovative Professional Enterprise" and “Most Potential Development Entrepreneurship Award in Suzhou”.

Chukai has a state-of-the-art R&D center as well as manufacturing facilities, and our R&D team has route design and development capabilities for multi-step synthesis. We are skilled in the technologies of chiral resolution, asymmetric synthesis, separation and purification, bromination, metal catalysis, nitration, and hydrogenation reactions. We possess strong process optimization capability, precise quality control strategies, and a comprehensive analytical method development capability to meet the requirements of product industrialization.

Suzhou Chukai PharmaTech Co. Ltd.
Add:D- Floor 4, 1368 Longqiao Road, Qinghe chuangke, Wujiang 215200, Suzhou, China.

Fujian Kaixin Pharma Co. Ltd.
Add:No.5 Niuling Road, Jintang Industrial Park, Shaowu City, Nanping City, Fujian Province, China